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Oliver Bullough | Moneyland & The Cancer Of Kleptocracy

March 16, 2022 Oliver Bullough Episode 34
The Geopolitics & Power Podcast
Oliver Bullough | Moneyland & The Cancer Of Kleptocracy
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The following is a conversation with Oliver Bullough, an amazing voice and author in the field of financial secrecy and kleptocracy.

Oliver Bullough wrote a book back in 2018 called Moneyland and has another one coming this year called, Butler To The World.Β 

Oliver’s books follow the themes of kleptocracy, financial secrecy, offshore finance and the myriad cancers upon the world that these pathways allow.

In This Chat, Oliver Bullough Answers 3 Questions

  • What Is Moneyland?
  • What Is The Archetypal Example Of Moneyland?
  • Is There Any Way Out Of Moneyland?

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  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 03:57 – What Is Moneyland?
  • 24:08 – An Archetypal Example Of Moneyland.
  • 34:25 – How Does Moneyland Enable The Scale Of Criminal Organisations & Is There Any Way Out?
  • 46:47 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast.


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