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Geoff Raby | Former Australian Ambassador To China, China's Grand Strategy & Australia/China Geopolitics

July 18, 2021 Geoff Raby Episode 14
The Geopolitics & Power Podcast
Geoff Raby | Former Australian Ambassador To China, China's Grand Strategy & Australia/China Geopolitics
Show Notes

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Geoff Raby is the former Australian Ambassador to China and also of the few true outsiders privies to the insider of China’s institutions.

Before Geoff was the Ambassador to China he was head of the Chinese Embassies Economic Division on behalf of Australia’s Department Of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Geoffs role as Australia’s Ambassador to China ended in 2011, but Geoff has since remained in Beijing and operates his consultancy firm, Geoff Raby & Associates. Geoff was tremendously generous with his time and offered us a brilliant insight into the ongoing geopolitical relations between both Australia & China, a commentary on China’s ongoing humanitarian catastrophe, SEZ & more.

In this interview, you can expect to learn about…

  • Romanticising China back in the 80’s.
  • Australia & China’s shifting relationship over the years.
  • Security & Geoff’s idea of a dystopian future.
  • The humanitarian catastrophe with the Uighurs.
  • More, more and more.

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  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 04:01 - Chit Chat
  • 05:37 - How Has Your Idea Of China Changed Over The Years?
  • 09:31 - Romatisicing The Early Days As A Diplomat In China?
  • 14:11 - How Has Australia's Relationship With China Changed?
  • 19:36 - Underlying Incentives For BRI (Belt & Road Initiative)
  • 22:32 - What Do You Think Made Bob Hawke So Succesful In China?
  • 27:51 - Geoff Experience With SEZ (Special Economic Zones) Of China.
  • 35:31 - China Managing Their Middle Income Trap.
  • 41:01 - How Do You Manage The Competing Interests Of What You Think Is Right Versus The Australian Politics Of The Day.
  • 43:29 - Geoff Operating As Australia's Ambassador To China.
  • 46:21 - Australian Soft Power.
  • 54:13 - What Would You Have Had Scott Morrison Do?
  • 55:41 - Australia's Dystopian Future.
  • 1:06:12 - An Australian Foreign Policy Based In Realism.
  • 1:10:33 - Security In The South China Sea.
  • 1:16:26 - Geoff Addressing The Uigher Humanitarian Disaster In China.
  • 1:27:51 - How Much Is Hong Kong Foreshadowing For Taiwan?
  • 1:31:51 - What Country Are You Most Bullish On?
  • 1:32:29 - What Two People Would You Witness A Conversation Between?



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