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Lachlan McGrath | The Geopolitics Of Cyber Warfare & Understanding Cyber Security

November 11, 2021 Lachlan McGrath Episode 22
The Geopolitics & Power Podcast
Lachlan McGrath | The Geopolitics Of Cyber Warfare & Understanding Cyber Security
Show Notes

Article Attached To This Podcast 🎙️:

Lachlan McGrath is the Senior Strategy Consultant for CyberCX and the Curious Worldview Podcast's official cyber security expert.

Cyber Security forces us to make considerations such as the following. 

  • Why deploy an expensive and costly army when you could rather just cripple your enemy via wifi and anonymity?
  • Why spend billions on soldiers to destabilise a nation when you could rather just meddle anonymously in their elections?
  • Why risk your life trying to rob a bank, when you could rather and with significantly less risk just inject a line of malware code and achieve the same end goal?
  • How does the geopolitics of power change when traditional geography, manpower and distance become obsolete?

You can expect to hear in this podcast with Lachlan About Cyber Security the following and more...

  • Why Cyber Security Threats Must Be Treated As Seriously As If They Were Physical.
  • Lachlan Going Through All The Key Jargon.
  • The Geopolitics Of Cyber Security.
  • The Realities Of Cyber Warfare.
  • More, more, more and more.

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00 - Introduction.
04:39 - How We Should Stop Thinking About Threats As Only Physical.
11:44 - Lachlan Describing His Experience In Both The Public & Private Sector.
18:09 - Defining Some Of The Key Jargon In Cyber Security.
31:07 - Implications Of The Mass Movement To The Cloud.
35:56 - Using Real World Metaphors To Understand Cyber.
41:06 - Why Is The NHS Vulnerable To Attack?
43:36 - The Sophistication Difference Between The Offense & Defense.
54:41 - A Diplomatic Lachlan.
58:01 - The Geopolitics Of Cyber Security?
1:11:41 - What About The Ethics Of Cyber?
1:18:26 - Cyber Warfare.
1:40:23 - Cryptocurrency Regulation.
1:54:05 - Country You Are Most Bullish On?
1:56:42 - Conversation Between Any Two People?
1:57:54 - Afterthoughts.
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